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About Guardians of the Forsaken Woods

     The Guardains of the Forsaken Woods was founded on two simple principles - Respect & Support. With over two years experience we have maturred into a casual friendly group who enjoy LOTRO on its many levels.  From high level characters to brand new charatcers the GFW has support, equipment, crafts and class leveling. Each members input is important to kin direction and any decisions taken. And outside of agreeing to the principles of the kin charter, everything is strickly voluntary.

     From kin held events to raids, or just simply having someone to run with at your level is only a part of what we are about. The GFW also has a history tied into the story going back to the Second Age, which allows for personal biographys to easily be tied in. But by far the most important thing the GFW has made possible are how the mebership evolves from kinsmen & kinswomen to becoming friends online. Having fun in Middle Earth and being able to relate to your character being made a little easier is what were about.



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